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村上 賀子
Anonymous Danes


2024年5月28日(火)~2024年6月8日(土) 日曜休館



Anonymous Danes(アノニマス デーンズ)は、ろうそくをアトリビュートとしてデンマークの人を撮影するというプロジェクトだ。ろうそくはデンマークの暮らしを象徴する道具だろう。長く暗い冬を快適に過ごすために、デンマークの人々はあかりにこだわる。なかでもろうそくは、 “生きているあかり(levende lys)”と呼ばれ、多くの人が日々の暮らしに取り入れている。デンマークでは優れたデザインのランプも数多く生み出されてきたが、それでもろうそくのあかりは格別なのだ。和ろうそくの光が満ちるなか、彼らは一人一人が特別でかけがえのない存在であると同時に、“デンマークの人”というあいまいなイメージの一部でもある。

(村上 賀子)

The Danes are one of the Scandinavian peoples leaving their mark as Vikings in the ancient history of Europe. The Danes were pagan people of the sea who worshipped Norse gods. They built ingenious wooden ships, travelling over the seas around the world, extending their settlements, and eventually founding their own country in their homeland. It was said to be named ‘Land of Danes’. The country is now known as Denmark, one of the Nordic countries, along with the title of the oldest monarchy in Europe. In modern English Danes is mostly used as a synonym with Danish people.
Anonymous Danes is a project of single portraits in which people in Denmark are captured with an attribute of a candle. Candles are essential items for Danish living. People there are attentive to lighting to comfort their long, dark winter time. Candles are specifically called “levende lys”, which means living light, and it is quite common to enjoy candle lights as a daily ritual. Denmark boasts about the abundance of their excellent lighting products. And yet, candle light is still seen as exceptional. In the Japanese candle light, each sitter is special and unique while forming a part of a broad concept “Danes”.


村上 賀子(ムラカミ イワウコ)


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